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Victorious Disciples Institute

Victorious Disciples Institute seeks to make, mature, multiply and mobilize disciples of Jesus Christ. To this end, we provide quality, biblically based, Christ-centered education, aimed to transform the lives of believers and develop kingdom leaders. Course offerings will be introduced gradually over the next 3-4 years as we build a curriculum divided into four phases as described below. Individuals may elect to go through all four phases sequentially (recommended) or select the specific phase that best fits your need. Certificates are awarded at the completion of each course, with special recognition for individuals who complete the full curriculum. 

Class Three: Leadership Growth & Development

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We know that we have all been commissioned to make disciples, but do we really know how? This course will focus on your personal commitment to first being a faithful disciple of Jesus Christ, and secondly, on how to become an impactful disciple maker and leader. You will discover what God has already placed inside of you, to do what he commissioned you to do. Get ready to be ignited to join God in His life-transforming work of making disciples for the kingdom.

Date: February 7th - March 28th

Class Day: Every Monday @ 7:00pm

*The Power Surge book may be purchased online @ Amazon. Books are not included with course.

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