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Victorious Disciples is right for
Church Leaders. Church Staff. Men and Women. New Converts. Church Cell Groups.

Victorious Disciples is right for
Church Leaders. Church Staff. Men and Women. New Converts. Church Cell Groups.

Victorious Disciples

@ a Glance

Victorious Disciples is a discipleship/mentoring strategy designed for the individual, group or church that desires to be strategic and intentional in spiritual growth. Consisting of six components, this strategy will meet the need of every believer, whether a new convert or a mature Christian, to move toward a transformed life to reflect Christ and answer the call to make disciples. Some of the benefits that individuals experience through Victorious Disciples are: spiritual growth, increased faith, greater dependence on God, leadership development and tools to disciple others.

For the church that is intentional in equipping disciples, the Victorious Disciples strategy will help Christians identify and utilize their spiritual gifts, meet the needs of the body of Christ, equip the church for the work of ministry and prepare the equipped to go into the community, and abroad for the cause of Christ. Following Jesus’ model, you can ignite the passion of a church of any size for leading others to Christ and developing Christians in their faith, within the context of Christ-centered relationships.


Discipleship Training

Leadership Development

Spiritual Growth & Development

Evangelism Training

Spiritual Gifts Assessments

Small Group Facilitator Training

Spiritually mature & professional speakers

Victorious Disciples

Part 1

A small group practical study of the principles of God’s word. Students meet for 12 sessions and learn how to apply the Word of God to their daily life. Involves study, prayer, fasting, journaling and more.

Victorious Disciples

Part 2

A series of intensive seminars. Students meet for 8 weeks for three sessions focusing on growth and development in the following areas: Personal, Spiritual and Leadership. Includes a comprehensive spiritual gift & ministry assessment and focuses on living out your faith.

The following are currently being utilized as a pilot program, with plans to be released in the  future:

Part 3

Victorious Disciples in Action

Focuses on getting into action. Students are encouraged to utilize their spiritual gifts. They are trained on how to share the Gospel. Commitments are made to “go make disciples” in the local church, community and globally.

Part 4

One-2-One Mentoring

Mentors are paired up with an individual for one year to encourage them, to inspire their vision and model the Christian life.