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Uniquely You - Membership & Ministry Profile

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Uniquely You - Membership and Ministry - Combining 16 Spiritual Gifts and 4 DISC Profile - Personalizing My Faith Plan

Featuring the popular 16 Spiritual Gifts Survey and Uniquely You DISC Questionnaire, the Member’s Guide identifies members’ primary and secondary spiritual gifts and personality types.

The Member’s Guide also demonstrates how spiritual gifts and personality types relate to each other, and where they fit best in the ministries of your church. Once each member’s giftedness is identified and fitted for ministry, the Member’s Guide also focuses on Biblical Conflict Resolution. This is so important! Most people get uninvolved and resist involvement in ministry because of misunderstandings and abuses. Most of the problems in the church today are not theological. They are relational & personality clashes and spiritual gifts conflicts with other church or staff members.

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